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Prince, Napoleon. Napoleon Prince was created by May Edginton (Charles Captain) and appeared in twelve stories in Pearson’s Magazine (US) in 1911 and 1912, beginning with “How Johnnie Luck Met a Pretty Rogue” (Pearson’s Magazine (US), Dec. 1911); the stories were collected in The Adventures of Napoleon Prince (1912).

Napoleon Prince is a Con Man. He is a brilliant swindler. Years ago he was a member of the Cosmopolitans, an international crime-ring, but they betrayed him, resulting in his paralysis from the waist down. He retaliated by systematically stealing from their members and betraying them to the police. In this he is helped by his sister, May, and his servant, Dapper. Napoleon and May befriend John Luck, a young Canadian down on his luck, and Luck joins Napoleon and May and acts as their arms and legs in carrying out crimes. May and John fall in love, and later Napoleon and the beautiful Gerda fall in love, and after visiting a healer who uses a special paste to cure paralysis Napoleon is able to walk again.

Napoleon has a “softness, quietness, and humor,” but is a careful schemer and is ruthless toward his enemies.

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