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Primrose, Colonel John. Colonel John Primrose was created by “Leslie Ford,” the pseudonym of Zenith Jones Brown (Joseph Kelly, Gregory Lewis, Evan Pinkerton), and appeared in three stories and story serials and fifteen novels from 1934 to 1953, beginning with “The Strangled Witness” (The American Magazine, May 1934).

John Primrose is a former Army Colonel who was forced to retire from active service due to wounds he received during World War One. After the war ends he becomes a consulting detective, often doing special jobs for the government. In the beginning he is aided by Sergeant Phineas T. Buck, who shields him from "designing females," but once Grace Latham appears on the scene Buck's job is finished. Latham is a young and pretty widowed mother of two. Her husband was killed in a plane crash. She is energetic and spunky but lacks the objectivity and clear thinking that Primrose uses to solve cases.

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