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Prime, Peter. Peter Prime was created by J. Allan Dunn (Ace AinsworthBoru, Griffin, Bud Jones, Sleepy Sloane, Henry Smith (I), John Strong, Whistlin' Kid) and appeared in “Peter Prime: Patriot” (People’s Favorite Magazine, Sept. 10-Dec. 25, 1917).

Peter Prime, Senior, is an older man of “extraordinary mental capacities” and great wealth who dabbles in international politics as “the Weasel,” applying his wealth and his knowledge of the secrets of conspiracies against the United States towards the thwarting of such plots. He secretly adopts a boy, names him “Peter Prime, Junior,” and pays for his education. Then, when Junior is old enough, Senior contacts him and asks him to carry on the fight. Junior is a grateful patriot and is happy to help. With the assistance of Ahnotah, an educated Navajo chief, Junior takes on Senior’s archenemy, the Brotherhood of Peace, an anarchist conspiracy led by Vespa, a “magnificently beautiful young” and a “terribly malignant enemy.”

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