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Priestley, Dr. Lancelot. Dr. Lancelot Priestley was created by “John Rhode,” the pseudonym of Cecil Street (Desmond Merrion, Christopher Perrin) and appeared in seventy-two novels from 1925 to 1961, beginning with The Paddington Mystery.

Dr. Lancelot Priestley is an English mathematician and former professor who was forced to resign his position after an ugly argument with the university authorities. Because of his personal income and intelligence he is able to spend his time writing books on math and popular myths, which he debunks through the careful application of logic. For fun Priestley spends his time solving crime problems, upon which he brings his considerable intellect and abilities and logic to bear. Although Priestley is a friendly host, he is a cold person with a marked disappreciation for the human element of the crimes he solves. He lives and works in his house in Westbourne Terrace in London.

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