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Price, Highland Park. Highland Park Price was created by “Dale Clark,” the pseudonym of Ronal Kayser (Ghostly Jones, Doc Judson, Mike O’Hanna, Plates O’Rion), and appeared in thirteen stories in Detective Fiction Weekly, Black Mask, and Dime Detective from 1941 to 1946, beginning with “Smoke Sign” (Detective Fiction Weekly, May 10, 1941).

Highland Park Price is a private detective who is hired by crooked clients for a variety of dubious jobs, including blackmail. Price responds by charging his clients as much as possible (hence his name “High Price”). Price loves advanced technology and has a wide range of instruments which he uses on the job, both because he likes using them and because it saves him money. (He is an infamously cheap penny pincher). Price is assisted by Beulah Randy, his kind, compassionate secretary who is as determined to have Price work ethically as he is determined to do anything for money.

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