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Powerby, Professor. Professor Powerby was created by Alfred Edgar (Napoleon Berg, Jack Durrant, Iron Hagan, Martin Holt, Octavius Kay, Jack Keen, Phantom of Cursitor Fields) and appeared in “The Invaders from Mars” (The Modern Boy, Feb-Apr 1929).

Professor Powerby is the foremost British scientist and is known for his SCIENCE! inventions. But when he tells the world that he and his two wards, Ron and Will Neville, have traveled to Mars and encountered Martians, and that the Martians are allied with a German scientist named Mendelhoff and are planning on returning to Earth, nobody believes him. Until, of course, the Martians arrive on Earth, and replay Wells’ War of the Worlds. However, this time the Martians are opposed by a brilliant British scientist and two plucky British lads, and that’s more than enough to see to those Red Planet blighters, wot?

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