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Porus, Tan. Tan Porus was created by Isaac Asimov (Susan Calvin, Mike Donovan, Foundation, Half-Breeds) and appeared in “Homo Sol” (Astounding, Sept. 1940) and “The Imaginary” (Astounding, Nov. 1942).

Tan Porus is a fiery, truculent psychologist working for the alien Galactic Federation. The Federation is made up of 288 Humanoid sentients, and Earth, whose inhabitants have just discovered faster-than-light travel, has been invited to join the Federation as the 289th member species. But the humans are found to be capable of mass panic (thus violating one of the basic laws of Humanoid psychology) and of being mad gadgeteers (which with their tendency to mass panic makes them a military threat to the Federation). Fortunately, Tan Porus figures out a way to manipulate the humans. He is a 5'2" Rigellian, sharp-tongued, impatient, and clever. He thinks little of his colleagues.

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