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Poggioli, Dr. Henry. Dr. Henry Poggioli was created by T. S. Stribling and appeared in thirty-seven short stories in various magazines from 1925 to 1957, beginning with “The Refugees” (Adventure (U.S.), Oct. 10, 1925); five of the stories were collected in Clues of the Caribees (1929).

Dr. Henry Poggioli is a psychologist and amateur detective. He is a Professor of Psychology at Ohio State University. (His position and place of employment varies in later stories). He is acute and insightful in his psychology and crime solving, but he is also abrasive and contentious, and too often he is unable to stop the crimes (sometimes monstrous) and criminals (likewise monstrous) that he encounters. Poggioli is a short, bookish-looking man with dark eyes and an owlish countenance. Poggioli dies in his final appearance.

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