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Pippo, Pertica and Palla. Pippo, Pertica, and Palla were created by the Italian creator Benito Jacovitti and appeared in the comic strip “Pippo, Pertica and Palla” (Vittorioso, 1940-1960).

Pippo, Pertica and Palla are a trio of child adventurers; Pippo is the small and clever one, Pertica the strong one, and Palla the obese and greedy one. They have a wide variety of adventures as time goes by and they grow up, tangling with the police, the very clever detective Cip, the nosy Mrs. Carlomago, and most frighteningly the terrible masked criminal Zagar, who anticipates the horrific Diabolik, a later Italian supervillain, in his disguises, skin-tight black costume, and his crimes.

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