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Pipe, George Edgar. George Edgar Pipe was created by the French author Arnould Galopin (Allan Dickson, Francis Dormeuil, Doctor Omega, Fifi, Francis, Jack & Francinet, Julot, Monsieur Paturel, Tenebras, Jean Tixier) and appeared in Mémoires d’un Cambrioleur Retiré des Affaires (1922), La Résurrection d’Edgar Pipe (1933) and La Dernière Incarnation d’Edgar Pipe (1934).

George Edgar Pipe is a Lupin, but Pipe is English, more human, less lucky, and less genial than Lupin himself is. Pipe eventually opens a detective agency and is reunited with his love Edith (who had earlier abandoned him). They adopt a child and he goes straight for good.

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