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Pinkerton, Evan. Evan Pinkerton was created by “David Frome,” the pseudonym of Zenith Jones Brown (Joseph Kelly, Gregory Lewis, Colonel John Primrose), and appeared in twelve novels from 1930 to 1950, beginning with The Hammersmith Murders.

Evan Pinkerton is a "rabbity," nervous little Welshman whose nightmarish marriage to a domineering and miserly woman ends with her death and his inheriting £75,000. He uses his new freedom to go out, especially to the movies, and to help his friend J. Humphrey Bull, a Scotland Yard Inspector. Pinkerton often stumbles upon both the bodies that begin the crimes and the solutions that end them, and Bull, a friend from childhood, gets the credit for solving the case. Pinkerton is not a dummy, though, and is capable of insight and intuition, though he relies upon persistence more than anything else.

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