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Pinkelman, Pa. Pa Pinkelman was created by the Dutch creator Carol Vosges and appeared in the comic strip “Pa Pinkelman” (1945-1954).

Pa Pinkelman is a Superhuman. He is the only living wizard in the world. He inherited his abilities from his grandfather and his father, but is less powerful than either, and on his “bottom day,” Monday, Pinkelman is no more powerful than other humans. On his “top day,” Friday, Pinkelman’s powers are formidable, although if other people take his bowler they also gain magical abilities. Pinkelman can grant wishes, create human beings, fly, and change human beings to animals. He uses these abilities to travel to the Moon (and meet its four million natives), travel to China (and accidentally insult the Dalai Lama), travel to the Soviet Union (and outwit Stalin and defeat the Red Army), organize the ghosts on a Pacific island to form their own country, and even rebel against Carol Vosges, Pinkelman’s creator. (Vosges is too clever for Pinkelman).

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