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Pierce, Doc. Doc Pierce was created by Richard Dermody and appeared in twenty-one stories in Dime Detective Magazine from 1942 to 1948, beginning with “Hello, Sucker!” (Dime Detective Magazine, June 1942).

Doc Pierce is a Con Man. Pierce is based in Miami but drives a Chevy around the rural parts of the American East Coast, swindling the locals and yokels. More cleverly, he arranges his scams so that his hayseed victims sign contracts which immunize Pierce from legal repercussions. (Pierce was trained at mid-western carnivals, so he knows most of the tricks a con man should). In the words of his assistant/sidekick, “he is the smoothest operator I ever saw. He hooks at least a dozen of these hayshakers for everything from aces to sawbucks.” Pierce is “a big red-faced party with a sway-back coat that splits over the quarters and a pair of these striped pants with no cuffs. He is also wearing a wide black hat and a pair of cheaters with a black tie-rope on them.”

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