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Phantom Thief (I). The Phantom Thief (I) appeared in a number of stories in The Surprise in 1932, beginning with “The Phantom By Day” (The Surprise, Apr. 30, 1932).

The Phantom Thief (I) is a Lupin. By day Silas Marne is a kindly invalid, known to the public for his charitable works and to the good men of Scotland Yard for his brilliant mind, which helps them solve many crimes. But by night Marne is the notorious Phantom Thief, whose burglaries and thefts are never solved by the police and who leaves taunting notes behind for his victims and for the men of the Yard. As the Phantom Thief Marne is clever and puts his talent for disguise to good use. Marne is aided in his crimes by his French servant Felix, who does things like, for example, floating to the top of a tower in a balloon while wearing a gorilla suit, all to distract the millionaire inside the tower so that Marne can burgle him.

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