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Phantasma. Phantasma was created by the Canadian author Jean-Paul Deguise and appeared in Les Aventures Extraordinaires de Phantasma Détective Privé #1-18 (1945?).

Phantasma is a Killer Vigilante. Phantasma is a mysterious private detective located in Montreal but active across Canada. His adventures verge not just on the fantastic but also the horrific and even go into Grand Guignol territory, and Phantasma is appropriately brutal in dealing with his cruel enemies. He fights a murderous African-Canadian Superhuman mesmerist, a wax museum murderer similar to but anticipating Vincent Price in House of Wax, and a parricide, among others.

Phantasma appears in stories with titles like “The Algerian Mystery,” “Eyes Gouged Out,” and “A Rain of Skulls.”

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