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Pezon, Edmond. Edmond Pezon (1868-1916) was a famous lion tamer and big game hunter, the cousin and son-in-law of Baptiste Pezon (1827-1888), founder of the “dynasty of French lion tamers.” In 1909 Pezon was the hero of the French Celebrity Pulp La Vie d'Aventures et de Chasse du Dompteur Edmond Pezon #1-25.

The fictional Pezon is a big game hunter and trapper. In the words of his magazine, "One would be wrong to confuse him with a vulgar traveling acrobat, an unspecified fair runner. No one ignores Mr. Edmond Pezon, a perfect man of the world, a real gentleman, who made the art of the trainer a true science and whose reader will find here all the secrecies and all the dramas."

Pezon appears in stories with titles like "In the Shadow of the Zambezi," "The Baptism of Blood," and "In the African Night."

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