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Peter, Dick. Dick Peter was created by "Ronnie Wells," the pseudonym of the Brazilian author Jerônimo Monteiro, and appeared in a radio show, sixteen novels, and hundreds of stories from 1937 to 1950, beginning with the radio show Aventuras de Dick Peter.

Dick Peter was Brazil's first series detective and is modeled on Philip Marlowe and Sam Spade. But Peter confronts more than the typical hard-boiled mysteries. Peter confronts everything from "classical" puzzle and locked-room crimes to more fantastic crimes and criminals, including invisible men, treasure hunters, vicious members of Lost Races, and subterranean creatures wielding technologically advanced weaponry. Peter is a trained engineer and uses his engineering skills to stop evil men, especially his archenemy, the Tarantula, a wicked man who runs an international espionage and crime ring and who chooses only the cruelest men to be his captains.

Peter is assisted by his girlfriend, Mabel Carson.

* I'm including the Dick Peter stories and novels in the Best of the Encyclopedia list because they are fun and because they are historically important. I think cross-genre stories are a good thing; genre borders should be transcended, and tropes from many different genres should brought together to interact and hybridize. A hardboiled private detective's stories are more fun when they involve murderous Lost Races or invisible men. That's why the Dick Peter stories and novels are so much fun: Jeronimo Monteiro did that with abandon and glee for thirteen years. The Dick Peter stories are important because, as mentioned, they were the first Brazilian detective series, and they gave the Brazilian readers a much different idea of what a series detective could be than the Sherlock Holmes stories and the Peter Wimsey stories had provided Brazilian readers with. The Dick Peters stories showed Brazilian readers that genre miscibility (as opposed to the genre strictures of the Holmes and Wimsey stories) could be a good thing, an entertaining thing, and then mixing and maxing from various genres could lead to stories of greater quality than mere one-genre stories. 

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