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Perry, Professor. Professor Perry was created by Bertram Russell and appeared in “The Bat-Men of Thorium” (Weird Tales, May-July 1928).

Scientist and explorer Professor Perry intends to explore the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, and towards that end has built the Atlantis, a technologically-advanced submarine shaped like a clam and armed with a machine gun. Perry and his friends are somewhere in the South Pacific when the sub is taken by a strong current to an enormous cavern, inside of which is air and a country, Thorium. The country is inhabited by two species: winged, flying humanoid “bat-men” who have an advanced, peaceful civilization, atomic power, and a telepathic ruler, and the Zoags, gorilla-like troglodytes who sacrifice the bat-men.

Perry helps put an end to the Zoags’ reign of terror, but the Atlantis’ machine guns start a fire which the bat-men cannot fight (having never been exposed to fire before) and which uses up all the air in the cavern. Perry returns to the surface and mourns, having lost a lover, Thalia (the daughter of the bat-men’s ruler) in the fight.

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