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Perry, Nat. Nat Perry was created by Edith and Ejler Jacobsen (Octopus (II), Scorpion (I)) and appeared in four stories in Dime Mystery Magazine from 1939 to 1943, beginning with “The Rag Doll Killer” (Dime Mystery Magazine, Jan. 1939).

Nat Perry is a Disabled Detective. Perry’s disability is hemophilia: "the slightest scratch could bring death." When Perry was fourteen years old he was found, bleeding in the street, by plainclothes inspector Harry O’Connor, who took Perry home and gave him a life-saving transfusion. O’Connor became Perry’s de facto father, and Perry grew up to become a policeman. Despite his disability Perry is (just barely) still a member of the Force. His disability is well-known to criminals and police alike, but Perry is a good detective and is hard-boiled and good with his gun: “They called him the ‘Bleeder’ but they had learned by experience that he didn’t start the bleeding.”

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