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Perovskaya, Sophia. Sophia Perovskaya (1854-1881) was a Russian revolutionary anarchist who took part in the assassination of Tsar Alexander II. In 1902 Perovskaya appeared in the Chinese author Luo Pu’s serial “Dong’ou Nühaojie” (New Fiction, 1902-1903).

“Dong’ou Nühaojie,” which was based on Kemuyama Sentaro’s Kinsei Museifushugi (1902), portrays Sophia Perovskaya as a heroic, courageous, and unselfish heroine, a fighter against despotism, the "girl on the threshold," the ideal of the self-sacrificing spirit which Chinese intellectuals of the early 20th century found exciting and wonderful. The fictional Perovskaya organizes factory strikes in the Urals, recruits new members for her political party, survives exile to Crimea, and eventually escapes from jail.

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