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Pennoyer, Miles. Miles Pennoyer was created by Margery Lawrence (Anna Brandt) and appeared in Number Seven Queer Street (1945) and Master of Shadows (1959).

Miles Pennoyer is a Superhuman Occult Detective. He is a “doctor of souls” and is a psychic sensitive, open to various vibrations and mental influences. He is capable of entering a trance state and communing with his "Masters," the ones who trained him and who give him advice on tough cases. He is well-read and can speak any number of languages, both Eastern and Western. (It is eventually revealed that he has been reincarnated several times, and in a former life was a Chinese teacher of philosophy to the Mandarins). He also knows various rituals that appear to be magical rather than purely psychic. And he is capable of a kind of mind control in the form of mental commands and building "mental barriers" that prevent psychic possession.

Pennoyer is a bachelor and lives in a well-appointed flat at #7, Queer Street, Blackfriars, overlooking the Thames. He is both a vegetarian and a teetotaler, as alcohol or meat would interfere with his "psychic vibrations." He has an "old Bavarian housekeeper," Friedl, and a wolfhound named Hans. Pennoyer is assisted by Jerome Latimer, the narrator of the stories, who regards Pennoyer as his mentor and who has a certain amount of "psychic sensitiveness" which helps Pennoyer in cases. Pennoyer has a "lean, dark face" and is on the older side (he's got a good amount of grey hair).

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