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Pennington, Peter. Peter Pennington was created by Edmund Snell (Chanda-Lung, Reggie Faulkner, Lo-Peng) and appeared in Yellow Seven (1923) and Yellow Jacket (1936).

Peter Pennington is a European adventurer in the Far East. He has the epicanthic fold, but is ethnically English.

‘Chinese Pennington’ they call him. You saw his eyes? His pedigree’s faultless, but some extraordinary freak of fortune–or birth, if you like–decreed he should go through life like that. I fancy locality has a big effect on appearance. Pennington’s people have been merchants in Shanghai for all intents and purposes he is as white as you or I, but there’s no getting away from the fact that he has the eyes of an Oriental. He knows Chinese character inside out. He can talk like them. He can get himself up to look like them. He holds a sort of roving commission and is streets ahead of the ordinary native detective. The queer thing is that although the natives know of Pennington they’ve never managed to nail him. They regard him as something almost superhuman. They call him ‘He Who Sees In The Dark.’

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