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The Penman. The Penman was created by “Jean Fabien,” the pseudonym of the French author Marcel Idiers, and appeared in L’Homme au Stylo #1-6 (1945).

The Penman is a Lupin. He is a thin, elegant man who lives in a small apartment in a calm Parisian neighborhood. He is mysterious and is a master of disguise, pursued by the police but never caught. He steals only from those who have gained their wealth in unethical ways. The Penman gained his nickname through the use of a pen which doubles as a syringe. The Penman injects his victims with a sleeping drug and then robs them. The Penman’s stories are narrated by a reporter for the Globe who is a friend of Inspector Furet, the policeman pursuing the Penman. The series ends when the Penman accidentally causes the death of one of his victims. To atone, he surrenders himself to Furet and then commits suicide.

The Penman appears in stories with titles like “The Invisible Persecutor,” “The False and the Real Furet,” and “The Wolf Becomes a Shepherd.”

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