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Peng, Judge. Peng Peng (1637-1704) was a Chinese magistrate who was famous for his honest treatment of all classes and his incorruptibility. After his death he became a figure of folklore and then heroic folktales and fiction. A fictional version of Peng Peng, Judge Peng, was created by the Chinese author Tangmeng Daoren and appeared in Peng Gong’an (1892) and thirty-six unauthorized sequels by other authors through at least 1919.

Centuries ago, in China, Judge Peng is a magistrate of the greatest rectitude and integrity. He is immune to bribery, and is stern and unforgiving in his condemnation of wrongdoing. As magistrate he has the power to investigate, judge and punish, which he does, often. His enemies are usually corrupt high officials and bandits. Peng is assisted by a variety of Nüxia/Wüxia, who carry out Peng’s legwork.

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