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Pendrake, Jim. Jim Pendrake was created by A.E. van Vogt (Artur Blord, Dellian Robots, Rull, The Space Beagle, Weapon Shop) and appeared in three short stories in Astounding in 1943 and 1944, beginning with “The Great Engine” (Astounding, July 1943); the stories were rewritten as The Beast (1963).

Jim Pendrake is a retired U.S. Air Force aviator who lost his right arm in a plane crash. He discovers the wreck of an unusual plane with an engine of a type completely unknown to him. Pendrake takes the engine for himself and begins tinkering with it, but it is soon stolen from him. But then his arm begins to regrow, and he becomes the target of a shadowy conspiratorial organization led by the President of the United States. Pendrake has his memory wiped, is twice kidnaped, loses his arm again, and ends up on the moon, where he finds a society led by a million-year-old, super-intelligent Neanderthal.

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