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Peluk. Peluk was created by Roy Norton (David & Goliath, Henri Hallewell, Jim Tipton) and appeared in the serial “The Shaman” (The Red Magazine, Dec 22, 1922-Feb 16, 1923).

Peluk is a native shaman in a remote village in the depths of northern Canada. His people hold him in great respect, for the title of shaman is “bestowed upon those who, wise in the lore, history, or accomplishments of a tribe of men, are given due and merited deference.” His word is law among his people, and he enforces the harsher laws of the North—killing those who cannot be fed, etc—with unwavering strictness, because he knows better than his people what they require. When a white interlocutor from the United States is appalled at Peluk’s tactics and attitudes and attempts to dress him down for them, Peluk displays a knowledge of the white world’s hypocrisies that shames the outsider. But Peluk obeys the advice and commands of the white Lady Malitka, for she is as ruthless as he when necessary (a “human tigress”) and is wiser in the waves of life-saving hygiene.

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