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Pegomas, Marius. Marius Pegomas was created by the French author Pierre Yrondy (Thérèse Arnaud) and appeared in Marius Pegomas, Détective Marseillais #1-35 (1939-1940).

Marius Pegomas is a thirty-something police detective in Marseilles. He has a round face, blue eyes, short hair, a black and curly mustache, and looks more Semitic than French. Marius solves the riddles that stump the police and is beloved by the average Marseillaise. He is persistent and is very fact-oriented and meticulous in his methods. He is assisted by Flora Minuscule, his secretary, her brother, Tintin Minuscule, who is Pegomas’ chauffeur, Bouillabaisse, who flies Pegomas’ plane, and Pegomas’ friend, the scholar Dr. Mercadier.

Pegomas appears in stories with titles like "The Ogress of Cannebière," "The Bloody Mill," and "The Vampire of Martigues."

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