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Peepe, Bill. Bill Peepe was created by Fred MacIsaac (Dick Boswell, Pete Crane, Fred Leonard, Rambler MurphyKing J. Nelson, Pagneomon) and appeared in a number of stories in Argosy in 1933, beginning with “Honest Bill Peepe” (Argosy, May 13, 1933).

Bill Peepe is a Bellem. He is a private detective who makes his living in the movie studios of Hollywood. Peepe has to deal with kidnaping, con games, and crooked gambling rings. He is unprincipled, sleazy, and given to drinking, and although he is married to a beautiful young actress who he loves, and is willing to kill for, he will sleep with the first woman who looks invitingly at him: "Bill loved his wife but she was away on location."

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