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Peck, Judge. Judge Peck was created by August Derleth (Hercules Dousman, Solar Pons, Laban Shrewsbury) and appeared in ten novels from 1934 to 1953 beginning with Man On All Fours.

Judge Ephraim Peck works the courts in Sac Prairie, Wisconsin. He is an older man with “strange opaque-looking eyes which had haunted the sleeping and waking hours of countless criminals.” Peck’s appearance is odd: he always has his “ancient frock-coat, his bowler hat, the straggling ends of grey hair beneath the hat, and the monstrous old green-black umbrella eternally carried in one hand.” But

despite his eccentricities, (he) was never so capable as when ‘in harness,’ as he put it–on the bench, at the bar, or helping along an investigation into the multitude of petty crimes committed in Sac County every year. Age may have overtaken his body, but age had not encroached upon his mind, and his senses functioned to the shame of many a younger man who had had occasion to be associated with him.

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