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Paradox, Silvestre. Silvestre Paradox was created by the Spanish author Pío Baroja (Eugenio Aviraneta, Captain Chimista, Martín Zalacaín) and appeared in Aventuras, Inventos y Mixtificaciones De Silvestre Paradox (1901) and Paradox, Rey (1906).

Silvestre Paradox is a Spanish inventor and writer who writes murder mysteries and who ends up creating, with Paradox’s friend Don Avelino Diz de la Iglesia, an insurance company that (for a small fee) prays to heaven asking for eternal life for clients. In Paradox, Rey Paradox accidentally becomes the king of an African utopia which for a short time is a perfect celebration of individual creativity, but is destroyed when the French usurp the government and bring disease to the land.

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