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Paó Tcheôù. Paó Tcheôù was created by the French author Edward Brooker (Chester Buxtón, Mister Nobody (II), Sigono) and appeared in Paó Tcheôù, Le Maitre de L’Invisible #1-22 (1945-1947) and Le Maître de l’Invisible #1-36 (1953-1956).

Paó Tcheôù is a Superhuman Yellow Peril. He is the "maitre de l'invisible," the Master of the Invisible," because of his ability to turn invisible. Paó Tcheôù is rumored to be a Chinese cousin of Fu Manchu (I), and he hates the white race and fights against Westerners and white men, both on Earth and on Mars. He is opposed by the heroic Lapertot and Dr. Faustulus.

Paó Tcheôù appears in stories with titles like "The Theft of an Atom Bomb," "The Vengeance of the Grand Sorcerer," and "In the Intestines of the Earth.”

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