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Pan, Peter. Peter Pan was created by J.M. Barrie and appeared in two novels and a play from 1902 to 1911, beginning with The Little White Bird.

As a baby Peter Pan befriended the fairies in Kensington Gardens, and they eventually took him to Never-Never Land, where he became stuck as a boy, never to grow older. He befriends Wendy Darling and her two younger brothers, and with their help defeats his archenemy, the one-armed pirate Captain Hook.

* I'm including the Peter Pan novels and play in the Best of the Encyclopedia list because they are well-written. J.M. Barrie is an underrated writer, and while he's best known for Peter Pan most people know of the character through the Disney film. This is unfortunate, as the Peter Pan texts have a genuine strangeness and fey quality to them that Disney never bothered to translate to film. Peter Pan is no archetype or icon, but in the texts is more than a little fey and more than a little strange, like the rest of his world, and the sentimental softening of the edges that Disney forced on the story for the film version are missing, leaving Pan, like the other characters, hardened and much sharper and odd. Recommended. 

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