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Palmer, John. John Palmer was created by the Italian author Fernando Bellini (Billy, Johnny & Harry, Peter Johnson, William King, Joe Milton, Phantom of the Skyscrapers, Rama Sahib) and appeared in Mister John Palmer, Capo del Club dei Sette #1-50 (1930-1931).

John Palmer is an adventurer, modeled on Percy Stuart, who has adventures with the “Club of Seven,” which is modeled on the New Eccentric Club. Palmer is "The King of Mystery! The King of Adventure! The King of the Impossible!" He is from Chicago and was orphaned as a child and left his parents’ millions. As an adult he travels around the world, fighting evil.

Palmer appears in stories with titles like “The Cavern of the King of the Sioux,” “The Tiger of Whitechapel,” and “The Pirate of the Pacific.”

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