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Palmer, Jan. Jan Palmer was created by L. Ron Hubbard (Steve Galbraith, The Shark) and appeared in “The Slaves of Sleep” (Street & Smith's Unknown, July 1939) and “Masters of Sleep” (Fantastic Adventures, Oct. 1950).

Jan Palmer is a world traveler who has owned an old copper jar for many years. Palmer’s friend Professor Frobish opens the jar, and out comes Zongri, “king of the Ifrits of the Barbossi Isles.” Centuries ago Zongri was put in the jar by Suleyman himself, and Zongri swore to kill the first being to free him. He does so, killing Frobish, and then curses Palmer to “eternal awakefulness.” This sends Palmer on a series of timeslip adventures, putting him in the body of Tiger, a pirate who lives in the world of dreams. Palmer and Tiger eventually merge and Palmer becomes ruler of the world of dreams.

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