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Paladin, Jack. Jack Paladin was created by Julian Hawthorne and appeared in “The Cosmic Courtship” (All-Story, Nov. 24-Dec. 15, 1917).

Jack Paladin is a Planetary Romance Hero. He is the lover of Miriam Mayne, who is working with scientist and psychic Mary Faust on a project involving communication between planets. When Miriam goes missing, Jack goes in search of her. He discovers that Mary has created a machine for sending consciousnesses to other planets, and that Miriam has accidentally sent herself to Saturn. The process is only one-way, but Jack does not want to live without her, so he has Mary send him where Miriam went. But before Jack can reach her he is attacked by a group of hostile aliens from Jupiter.

Jack is rescued by Solarion, who is another kind of alien who acts as a guardian for spirits wandering through space. Jack arrives on Saturn and is confronted by Prince Torpeon of the planet Tor, who intends to enslave or kill Jack, but Jack defeats him in a wrestling match. The Saturnians take Jack to the ruler of Saturn, but Torpeon kidnaps Miriam, leading Jack to pursue him. Eventually the natives of Tor rebel, Torpeon is killed, and Solarion helps Miriam and Jack return to Earth.

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