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Ourney, Mel. Mel Ourney was created by Raoul Whitfield (Ben Breed, Dion Davies, Donald Free, Jo Gar, Gary Greer, Ben Jardinn, Buck KentCaptain MacLeod, Chuck Reddington, Bill Scott, Alan van Cleve) and appeared in five stories in Black Mask in 1929 and 1930, beginning with “Outside” (Black Mask, Dec. 1929).

Mel Ourney is an ex-con with a problem. He is in the big house for two years, and while there he became sympathetic for the small timers he met. He decides that when he gets out of jail he would only steal from the major criminals, not from the little guys and civilians. Word of his plans gets out, and only a few hours after he is released he is being pursued by cops and criminals alike.

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