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O’Smith, Outrageous. Outrageous O’Smith was created by Richard Howells Watkins (Silver Skull) and appeared in three stories in Blue Book Magazine in 1933 and 1934, beginning with “Outrageous O’Smith” (Blue Book Magazine, Sept. 1933).

O’Sullivan “Outrageous” Smith is a reporter for the American Press League. He has “a way of starting private wars for the sake of preserving international peace,” which is his way of getting involved in international politics. He’s conscious of what his activities might do to the A.P.L., so he quits when he’s about to raise hell, and then allows himself to be rehired by the A.P.L. after the hell he’s raised has subsided. “The swashbuckling guerrilla of peace was a small man, as keen as a knife and as quick as a whip. An American by birth, he was Irish and Welsh in ancestry, a weird Celtic mixture. A warning tinge of red glowed in his light brown hair and a hint of blue glinted in his slate-grey eyes.” He is a man of independent means and is missing the lobe of his left ear—it was shot off.

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