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Ormiston, Colonel. Colonel Ormiston was created by the Australian author J.M. Walsh (Bromley Kay, Oliver Keene, Inspector Quaile, Jack Sanders, Inspector Storm, Timothy Terrel) and appeared in eleven novels from 1933 to 1937, beginning with Spies are Abroad.

Colonel Ormiston is a high-ranking agent in the British Secret Service who serves the Empire in Asia, Africa, and Europe, ferreting out plots against the Empire from Germans, hostile natives, and other evil people. He has experience in the Indian Army and is well-traveled, intelligent, and careful in his work. Some of his stories verge on the fantastic, as in Spies in Spain, which involves a potential tunnel from Spain to the African Coast. Ormiston is “a spare, sun-tanned man who, but for the fact that he wore European clothes, might well have been taken for an Arab.”

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