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O'Reilly, Terrence. Terrence O’Reilly was created by Lawrence Blochman (Leonidas Prike) and appeared in four stories in Argosy from 1936 to 1941, beginning with “O’Reilly Sahib” (Argosy, Oct. 24, 1936).

Terrence O'Reilly is a towering, physically capable but ultimately good-natured N.Y.P.D. patrolman who is assigned to bodyguard Prince Vinayak Rao Bahadur. To the surprise of both, a fast friendship develops ("You may call me Vinnie"), and when the Prince's father, the Maharajah of Zarapore, dies, O'Reilly goes to India with the Prince and acts as his confidante, bodyguard, and friend.

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