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O’Neill, Red. Red O’Neill was created by James Francis Dwyer (Jack Cameron, Hoosier Hawk, Texan Wasp, Vidaut) and appeared in six stories in The Blue Book Magazine in 1910, beginning with “The Head-Hunters of Budong” (The Blue Book Magazine, Feb 1910).

Red O’Neill is a South Seas Adventurer. O’Neill is the Irish-American captain of the schooner Southern Cross. O’Neill sails the Cross “in the heart of the Malay country” and finds adventure there. O’Neill is “six feet tall, possessed the strength of four men, and exposed to destiny a jaw that was built on the same lines as the bows of a blunt-snouted tramp.” O’Neill is a particularly good brawler and fights like a “mad Pathan.”

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