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O'Neil, Scarlet. Scarlet O’Neil was created by Russell Stamm and appeared in the comic strip “Invisible Scarlet O’Neil” (1940-1956). “Invisible Scarlet O’Neil” was a reaction to the growing popularity of comic book superheroes; O’Neil was one of the first superheroes created specifically for comic strips.

Scarlet O’Neil is a Superhuman. She is a beautiful redhead who is the daughter of Dr. O’Neil, a scientist who is creating various weapons for America. Scarlet O’Neil accidentally sticks her finger in front of a "weird-looking ray" which her father has created. This ray gives her the ability to turn invisible at will by pressing a nerve on her left wrist. Scarlet O’Neil decides to use her new power to help America and to fight crime. She does so, passing up romance on numerous occasions to fight Japanese and German spies, saboteurs, and gangsters.

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