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Omar. Omar was created by Vera Oldham and appeared in the radio serials Chandu the Magician (1932-1933) and Omar the Wizard of Persia (1935-1936).

Omar is a Superhuman. On Chandu the Magician Omar appears as a mystic who had learned the “secrets of the East” from the same yogi who taught Chandu. In Omar the Mystic Omar takes center stage, fighting a variety of supernatural evils with the assistance of the lovely Zaidda and Omar’s Watson, the American jewel dealer Henry Mason. Omar’s leitmotif is the ringing of eerie bells, which signifies Omar’s presence or interest in events. Omar also passes on cryptic warnings: “wise men bar the door against a howling wolf,” “beware, the heart of a woman is weak,” “the black wings of death...their shadow cast,” and so on.

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