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O’Maley, Pat. Pat O’Maley was created by the Mexican creator Daniel Molina and appeared in the comic strip “O’Maley el Irlandes” (Pepín, Aug 25, 1938-Sept 14, 1939).

Pat O’Maley is a Costumed Avenger modeled on the Lone Ranger. Pat O’Maley is a senior at the University of California when he is sent by his father to investigate a series of accidents at the family sawmills in Canada. When O’Maley arrives in Canada, he is joined by the native Loup, who becomes his faithful companion. O’Maley discovers that local businessman Manfred is the cause of the accidents, but after disposing of Manfred O’Maley, who is now putting on a mask to hide his true identity, has to deal with the “black devil,” a spirit that is haunting the village of White Cloud, the Princess of a local native tribe who becomes O’Maley’s love interest.

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