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Old Ironhand. Old Ironhand was created by “Karl Held,” the pseudonym of the German author Friedrich Meister, and appeared in Geheimnisse der Wuste #1-16 (1909) and Old Ironhand der Trapper #17-20 (1909); Geheimnisse der Wuste was reprinted in Denmark in 1910 and in Austria in 1911.

Old Ironhand is a frontiersman and trapper active in the remote places of the world in the second half of the 19th century. Old Ironhand finds the Holy Cave in Senegal. He evades revenge-craving headhunters in New Guinea, fights a living mummy in Egypt, joins the French Foreign Legion, fights a murderous group of Ibis worshipers, visits Homer’s Island of the Lotus-Eaters, and then goes to the American frontier and fights natives, helping defend Fort Nelson.

Old Ironhand appears in stories with titles like “Fort Nelson and its Defender,” “On The Torture Stake,” and “My Baptism of Fire in the Wild West.”

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