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Oklahoma Kid. The Oklahoma Kid was created by Lee Bond (Calamity Boggs, Long Sam Littlejohn, Navajo Tom Raine) and appeared in seventy stories in a variety of pulps from 1931 to 1943, beginning with “The Oklahoma Kid Horns In” (Wild West Weekly, May 16, 1931).

The Oklahoma Kid is a Wanted Man. His real name is Jack Reese, but only his best friend, the gaunt and grizzled Sheriff Al Tapper, knows that. Reese doesn’t let too many men or women get close to him, especially because there is a large reward posted for his capture, and the popeyed Deputy Sheriff Ed Sparks is continually in pursuit of Reese. Reese has a remote, hidden headquarters in a remote stretch of the Arizona Badlands. He wears buckskin trousers, uses matched six-shooters, and rides the chunky, blaze-faced Shorty. Reese is unusually homely. In at least one story the Kid meets Billy West.

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