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Oceyolotl. Oceyolotl was created by the Mexican creators A. Ximenez (Ferry, Dick Troy) and Alfonso Tirado (El AlacranFrankenstein, Huapactzin, MoabMoctezuma, Dick MorganPhantom Thief (II), Pirate Queen (III), Karl Rice) and appeared in the comic strip “Corazón de Tigre” (Pepín, Aug. 4, 1938-Feb. 9, 1939).

In Mexico before the Spanish conquest the warriors of Azcapotzalco kidnap Nezahualcoyotl, the son of Ixtlixochitl, the king of Texcoco. For this, Ixtlixochitl declares war on Azcapotzalco. Texcoco’s champion is Oceyolotl, the “Heart of the Tiger,” and he leads the fight against Azcapotzalco, rescuring Nezahualcoyotl and eventually killing Tezozomoc, the king of Azcapotzalco.

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