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O’Brien, Larry. Larry O’Brien was created by R.A. Bennet and appeared in “The Bowl of Baal” (All Around Magazine, Nov. 1916-Feb. 1917).

Larry O’Brien is a light-hearted, devil-may-care young man who is expelled from Harvard. He decides to go exploring and buys a plane and flies across central Arabia. A sandstorm forces him to make an emergency landing, and once on the ground he discovers a falcon with a message around its neck. The message, in cuneiform Mesopotamian (which O’Brien can read), is a plea for help from Istara, a priestess of Baal. In a nearby oasis O’Brien finds a Lost Race of Mesopotamians led by Istara, who is attractive and noble, and Tigra, a stunning but ambitious Femme Fatale. Both Tigra and Istara are attracted to O’Brien, and he thinks he is in love with Istara, but he helps both Tigra and Istara in dealing with the sharks of the oasis and the carnivorous dinosaurs of the oasis’ sacred space. But while serving with Tigra in the war between the Mesopotamians and the Noadites, a group of local troglodytes, O’Brien realizes that he’s actually in love with Tigra. Unfortunately, she is killed while fighting the Noadites, and he returns home to the U.S. broken-hearted.

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