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North, Cyrus. Cyrus North was created by Donald Wandrei (Webster Conning, I.V. Frost, Man with the Molten Face, Duane Sharon) and appeared in six stories in Clues Detective Stories in 1938 and 1939, beginning with “The Five Toothless Dragons” (Clues Detective Stories, Oct. 1938).

Cyrus North is a Scientific Detective. North is the Director of the International Testing Laboratory on the waterfront of the Black Muddy River on the east side of Center City. “Not quite six feet tall, North had a lean hardness that contrasted with the nervous tension that always seemed to hang over him, the energy that flowed out of him.” He is a consulting scientist in great demand, and charges a large amount of money for each job. He uses science to solve crimes, but he is only interested in taking on unusual crimes, like a murdered man found with 167 teeth in his pocket, or an Evil Surgeon who transforms his enemies into “macabre monstrosities.” North is knowledgeable about a variety of subjects and has a nice bantering relationship with his secretary, Sarah Slocumbe.

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