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Norgil the Magician. Norgil the Magician was created by “Maxwell Grant,” the pseudonym of Walter Gibson (Avenger (II), Avenger (III), John Haverson, Shadow (I)), and appeared in twenty-three stories in Crime Busters and Mystery Magazine from 1937 to 1940, beginning with “Norgil–Magician” (Crime Busters, Nov. 1937).

W. Bates Loring is a famous stage magician who as “Norgil the Magician” is capable of selling out houses night after night. He is also a dedicated crime fighter. He doesn’t have any real magic, but the tricks and gimmicks he learned on-stage are sufficient to capture the bad guys, whether city racketeers or jewel thieves or villainous stage magicians. Norgil has quick and sure hands, is known and feared by other criminals, and is assisted by Fritz, who sometimes doubts his boss and sometimes needs to be rescued but is always faithful.

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