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Nobody, James. James Nobody was created by the French author Charles Lucieto and appeared in Les Merveilleux Exploits de James Nobody #1-11 (1928-1929) and four novels from 1927 to 1932, beginning with La Vierge Rouge du Kremlin.

James Nobody is a British superspy who fights the agents of Communism across Europe. Lucieto’s novels are ideologically- and sexually-charged as well as anti-Semitic. In The Red Virgin of the Kremlin Nobody works undercover in the Soviet Union as a chauffeur for "The Virgin," one of the Soviet Union's best spies, and Nobody is told that one of his tasks is to perform "night services" for The Virgin. Nobody is captured and is put through various tortures. In Delivered to the Enemy the Soviets help the Germans rearm, with Nobody battling the real-life adventurer and swindler Trebitsch Lincoln, who in the novel is an agent for the Comintern and is working to help the Germans rearm, traffic in heroin and cocaine, and plan chemical warfare against France. In The Mystery of Monte Carlo, Nobody tangles with Véra Roudine, a terrorist for the Soviet secret police; she is given to the worst sorts of vices, is a sadist, and prefers the company of wicked men, such as "that infamous, bloody, ferocious beast Soumkoff, the head executioner of the Cheka."

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